Our Mission

It's Padua's mission to empower humanity, "The Gift of Giving", to the orphans and widows.

The Foundation

The Padua Foundation expresses... The Gift of Giving. A Charitable network that focuses on giving to orphans in Asia and South America. The foundation culminated with the efforts of Bobby Padua, the founder of the organization in 1990. Starting with simple donations to charity events, The Padua Foundation began helping with Hope Worldwide, Salvation Army, St Vicent de Paul, Goodwill, and other organizations. Also helping institutions like Kiva.

Padua Group’s passion to help orphans began when the founder first visited the fishing village of Puerto Penasco, Mexico. Only ignited by bringing clothing and food supplies and then later helping in the building the orphanage by the leadership of his friend Rande L. The orphanage was built and unfortunately it was closed due to running out of funds when the Real Estate Bubble occured. However, in this new season we are continuosly seeking for new locations to help and build an orphanage.

The Padua Company, also provides various services to the foundation members. We continually expand our, Padua Elements ( Products and Services and Member Benefits). The mission is our cornerstone and motivation.

Be a member. Join us to empower humanity with the Good!

Our Projects

Here are our life's projects and charitable priorities

  • Mission Church30%

  • Kiva and United Way20%

  • Local Charities 25%

  • Choiced Charities 25%

  • We have been diversifying our investment Resources to keep up with the markets. *NEW PARTNERSHIPS* BEE, and Citadel

Why Join Us and our Efforts?

Padua’s continue their efforts by giving anonymously to the Orphanages in the Philippines and contributed money to Orphanage causes. The Foundation helps organizations like Kiva, allowing people with desires to build their business as their only source of income. The Group has sponsored several Kiva recepients. We found new opportunities and continued to give more to the orphanages in the Philippines.

Our newest initiative is to help the foundation, its members, donors, friends and private clients in Life Management, Stewardship and funding Non-profits. As we grow we will expand our services and benefits.

Get involved with our Foundation. GIVE with your heart!

Padua Elements

Charitable Projects

We have plenty of Charitable projects you can get involved. We also partner with other Charity Angels that can help you participate in many ways.

The Funding Dream Source and Alternative resources

Getting financial resources is critical to make some dreams happen. Capital is often required to accomplish your projects and desires. There are many alternative sources other than money to make your dreams come true. Let us fund and ignite your passions and dreams.