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Forgiving One Another – Bible Study on Character

This Bible study on forgiveness can be used by one person alone or in a small group. If you read each passage, reflect on it, and discuss it, you’ll gain a good sense of what forgiveness really means, its demands, and its rewards. Anger: Squeezing a person. The dictionary definition of Forgive is to cease to feel resentment against an offender, i.e., to pardon ones enemies.

It was a cold night in February 2007 when the car holding Chris Williams and his family was hit by a 17-year-old drunk driver. Immediately, Chris checked on his children in the back seat and quickly realized his 11-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter had died. Then as he watched, his pregnant wife sitting next to him exhaled for the last time. Meanwhile, Williams was in so much pain he could barely move his arm to turn off his car’s engine.

However, before he had even been rescued from his car, Williams told the Deseret News he had this thought: “Whoever has done this to us, I forgive them. I don’t care what the circumstances were; I forgive them.” He proved as good as his word, going on to publicly forgive his family’s killer and developing a relationship with him and his family. Today, Williams is a motivational speaker, sharing his incredible story of healing and forgiveness and inspiring others to extend mercy and forgiveness as well.

“This is my experience with forgiveness, letting go, moving forward, and being healed.
What burden could you lay at the Lord’s feet, today, that He might be allowed to work miracles in your life?” -Chris Williams

Williams’ story is now a major motion picture, “Just Let Go”. Now available for purchase on DVD and Blu-ray.

Until we forgive, we are the prisoner of the person who has offended us.

What is the Biblical measure of forgiveness?
Seventy times seven. In Matthew 18:21-22, we read, Then Peter came to him and asked, “Lord, how often should I forgive someone who sins against me? Seven times?”
“No!” Jesus replied, “seventy times seven!” What does this mean?
Unlimited In Luke 17:3-4, Jesus says, “I am warning you! If another believer sins, rebuke him; then if he repents, forgive him. Even if he wrongs you seven times a day and each time turns again and asks forgiveness, forgive him.”
As God forgave us. Read what Paul says in Ephesians 4:32

What are the benefits of forgiving?
It is necessary for our own forgiveness. Jesus said, “But when you are praying, first forgive anyone you are holding a grudge against, so that your Father in heaven will forgive your sins, too.” (Mark 11:25, 26)
It restores Christian fellowship. Now it is time to forgive him and comfort him. Otherwise, he may become so discouraged that he won’t be able to recover. Now show him that you still love him. (2 Cor. 2:5–10)
Spiritual cleansing. James says that the elders of the church should pray over those who are sick and the Lord will make them well, adding, “And anyone who has committed sins will be forgiven.” (James 5:15-16)

Examples of forgiveness:
Forgiveness has a price
Esau and Jacob. (Genesis 33:4–15)
Joseph (Genesis 45:8–15)
Moses (Numbers 12:1–13)
David (2 Sam 19:18–23)
Solomon (1 Kings. 1:52, 53)
Jesus (Luke 23:34)
Stephen (Acts 7:59-60)
Paul (2 Timothy 4:16)

1. What kind of offense do you find most difficult to forgive?
2. Do you meditate on an offense over and over?
3. How do you find it in yourself to let go of past offenses even though you “deserve” to hang onto them?
4. Does forgiving someone mean that the offense is forgotten and has no further consequences?
5. Do you ever feel that you a prisoner of unforgiveness? When? Why?
6. What is the only phrase in the Lord’s prayer with a “condition” attached? (Matthew 6:12)



Forgiving requires time with solitude of prayers and  also about focusing on ‘letting go’. It’s always hard to forget but you have to accept and not hold anything back when you forgive someone. It takes practice, circumstances will happen to you so you can learn to fully forgive in your life.

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