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Padua Elements

growth is a parameter of spiritual success
Charitable Projects

We have plenty of Charitable projects you can get involved. We also partner with other Charity Angels that can help you participate in many ways.

The Funding Dream Source and Alternative resources

Getting financial resources is critical to make some dreams happen. Capital is often required to accomplish your projects and desires. There are many alternative sources other than money to make your dreams come true. Let us fund and ignite your passions and dreams.

Trading and Holdings

Padua Group has immense resources and tackling the world of Trade and Commodities. As well as a Holding and Asset Management company for our members and clients. Partnership with various companies like BEE, and Citadel

Legal Trust and Living Wills

Your children's future is always important Let us help you in to secure your Living Trust and Will. We believe in making legal proactiveness to preserve what you have worked hard for.

Long-term Health Care

Despite of relying on public Medicare, Access and other sources for your healthcare. Don't anticipate to cease to have a Long-term Care Plan to avoid unexpected life changes and have a plan to be able to handle medical challenges in your future.


We are the steward for many charitable and worthwhile programs and projects. Its great to be assured in the long-run that you have a foundation that embeds your mission in life

Living your Life Now

A new program that we developed. To Live Life and also to make your dreams inspire many is our endeavor for you.

Legal Alliances

When it comes to pursue your lifetime pursuits you can always use some legal advice or legal documents to make things right. A man of many advisors is a wise person.

Technology and Expertise

Our founder of Padua grew up with technology and during his working career he had helped hundreds of businesses and individuals. An added advantage to your Life toolchest is this expertise that's very much valued.

Our Awesomeness is yours

Awesome is so much of a buzzword. But the world needs to have it and only you can make the buzz be the real deal. So lets partner up and Spread the Awesomeness around.

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what do our partners think

These group is amazing. I cant believe I'd stumble to something thats great and inspiring.


business owner and giver

There's not a lot of honest giving and caring institutions around. This one is legit


retired ceo

The small time I give, makes a tremendous help to a family in need.



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